Picturesque Tazacorte

Sun, sea, beach and the best climate of the island


Tazacorte is the smallest municipality of La Palma with about 5,000 inhabitants. The village consists of 2 parts, Tazacorte Puerto, where the beach and harbour can be found and Tazacorte Pueblo, where Atico La Palmita is located. Traditionally a fishing town, Tazacorte is also agricultural, as it is one of the best banana-growing areas in the Canary Islands. Tazacorte has one of the most tropical climates on the island, with an average temperature of between 20 and 30 degrees throughout the year.

Tazacorte Puerto

Located at the mouth of the Barranco de Las Angustias, the center of Puerto de Tazacorte is the oldest on the island, the place where the conquest of La Palma began in 1492.

Puerto de Tazacorte hosts the main fishing port of the island, with a large jetty for yachts and an extensive beach of fine black sand. Due to the breakwater off the coast of Tazacorte, it is safe to swim most days of the year. There are umbrellas and sunbeds for rent. The beach is wider towards the harbour, but here you are out of reach of the breakwater, so the waves are often high. The beach adjacent to the embankment of the harbour is the only official nudist beach in La Palma.

Along the beach is a boulevard with various restaurants, terraces and shops. The restaurants here are usually simple, but with a view of the sun setting in the Atlantic Ocean and the sound of the waves in the background, there is nothing left to be desired.

Excursions to spot dolphins or whales can be taken from the harbour.

Tazacorte Pueblo

In Tazacorte Pueblo, where La Palmita is located, you will find the old village center of Tazacorte. With beautiful, colourful facades, old colonial houses, dreamy small squares and narrow streets.

Whereas Tazacorte Puerto is more touristic (as far as that is the case on La Palma), village life takes place here. In the Casco Histórico (the historic center) you will find ancient houses of the richest families of the island. One of these beautiful buildings houses the most expensive hotel on the island: Hotel Hacienda de Abajo. Here you can dine elegantly and stroll through the beautiful garden. The teeny tiny banana museum is also located in the Casco Histórico.

Via the Casco Histórico a concrete path (Paseo del Litoral) runs down through the banana plantations to a small beach, which is mainly visited by Bagañetes (that is what the inhabitants of Tazacorte are called) themselves.

Tazacorte Pueblo also has its boulevard (Avenida de la Constitución), only it does not overlook the ocean, but a sea of ​​bananas. Here you will find several restaurants, it is a cozy and lively place to watch the sun go down. The terrace of La Marmota is nice. Or have a pizza at Giovanni from restaurant Atipico & Italiano or at Pizzeria La Locanda. A good idea too is to eat tapas at La Tasquita, located somewhat hidden under the terrace of La Marmota. Many locals frequent this restaurant.

The Plaza San Miguel, with its kiosko, is a cozy place to quietly enjoy a ‘cortado natural’ in the morning with the newspaper or a good book. Or to have a nightcap in the evening while enjoying the village life that unfolds in front of you.

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